Sunday, 23 July 2017

And you are always alive !

Do you see the two separate faces in me or you searching through window of my eyes the journey it covered , through a shy little princess to the powerful queen. Let me tell you dear, though my eyes are old and the world now blimmers to me. But I have a treasure ; a treasure of experiences. We all are actors here , in the cinema of life. We all think that we are perfectly playing our part. But is that really true ? What I saw , people are in hurry to grow up old and then again wants to swim in childhood ; We make ourselves ill in making more and more money and spend it all to make us well healthy again ; We count ourselves on how beautiful we are and then the thief of time comes and steal it . My dear we always admire our past and praise the colors flashed by it and forget that it's a present only that flickers light to the future. We think so much about our future as we are never going to die and as the time comes to leave we regret the life we never lived. Remember , Life is a puzzle of love, excitement , war and commitments. There is no rewind and no forward , we need is to just press a play . Before time flies out to the end of our story ; commit to your present , live it before it fades to saggy flesh and brittle bones .Live it before it becomes a memory. Search for the true reason of your life, , work for it , make it worth so that in the end ; it's only your body that dies and you live after your death , remembered as wind , as a rain , like mountains, like the moon and then you are always alive .


  1. Ya truly said in our life we always wnt everything bfre time ,want to move fast as much as we can without living in that moment and later we think .... Perhaps, may be time not go so fast... If possible we again enjoy our child hood as much as possible with our parents,friends...if possible we again enjoy our school life... If possible we live together with our parents little bit more...

    But all tht not possible bcse time goes with its pace we have to live in present moment hard in that moment.. wht happens in future we never know.. This present moment makes us alive in future as younger as we are now....

  2. This is your best post & this lline ''There is no rewind and no forward" touched my heart. keep writing.

  3. Each and every line nicely & very well written.... touched to real life...

  4. Hey Rosh

    Great job here on blogger... You know what ?
    I used to read so many blogs but this one is really different.Very concise & In few words says everything reminds our life and lifes motto.
    I love this topic ...

    if u keep writing like this U will make others blogger in bucket list. Very Ingenious!!!

    Inspirational once again... keep writing...

  5. Aap bht sachha aur aacha likhti ho...

  6. Great ! Roshni proud of you ..I think you should continue it .Very inspirational !

    1. Thanku reader ! Grateful if it works on other people as inspiration.

  7. This is so fresh and thought provoking. Love this.

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