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Surprisingly ! when I  hear about people like Arunima Sinha who despite of several leg and pelvic injuries faught  battle against her diability and excelled toward the mountaineering course to finaly climb Mount Everest with her prosthetic leg just because of her strong chain of determination. She defeated all odds entered in her life to get back into her own life in a far better way. It is notable that we as humans when come across a jerk in our life  through certain kind of failures in any aspect, all our positive thoughts get subjected to centripital action  that scatter and get diversed  in a direction to change our life to meaningless and hopeless end. Actually people get paralysed by their minds . The cells of our brain system are arranged in a set of fixed pattern that has a predefined functions to accept every situations as we want and we need according to the array of conditions and as soon as we are confronted to the reverse result or unpredictable changes we all of a sudden goto absolute limit of our mind and  abruptly get disheartned with static failed brain and only a system called heart system plays a crucial role .

In reality , our body is not just a combination of mass and matter but also a system that has the infinite capabilities of drawing powers of healing . We just need to bifurcate our all dimensions rather living in same time and space again & again of dejections . Just silent your ego and surrender to the difficulties to gain its strength and channel all energies into our mind .We all have that finite capabilities to settle down the storm we  face in any phase  and can bend the dimensions of time in more beautiful way.

Rather throwing hands up in the air  with  a tough determination ,look beyond the world visualize the possibililities and recharge your belief system .Life is beautiful make it more cherishable ! 


  1. Yup truly said..Its matter of good thought,belief,hope and determination towards anything which makes everything possible.

    In the end we have to never lose hope and belief and try to work hard towards our dream because everything is possible .

    Very Very inspirational I hope evryone understand what u want say or covey message.

  2. Hii Roshniijii

    Its a really thought provoking article.Each lines reminds us that we have to never lose our beliefs and hope bcse its only thing that gives us strength to make anything possible.Your words nourish me from the inside like healing salve for the spirit and I thank you for that.Your article nudged my thoughts in a different direction,Your words always provoke in me a reaction of good, to make better decisions , to question myself every now and then, we all need to maybe take a step back and look at things differently .

    In an instant we realize that our thoughts are so limiting to the fullness of our potential .I wish your article brings changes thought of many people.

    I liked them all.
    Here each line had something to say and a had a lesson to be learned.

    Very Very Inspirational and written too good. I loved it. Thank you for posting them and sharing yours inspirational thought with us and thanks again for the great work you are doing here.

    Good nght and Take care .....

  3. Hii Roshniijii
    Very Good Morning to you...

    You’re really kind to others to have tidied up this post and teaching others life lessons of happiness and thinking. I feel that I have benefited greatly and holistically as a person, reading the articles and reflecting on the decisions I have made. I am forever grateful for your dedication to this blog.

    And yes she is Great lady and her determination and belief makes her dream came into reality.

    True Its our beliefs,thinking and our determination ,hope which paralyzed us or gives us a power to achieve it and make up our mind to think postive even how hard aim is.The way you write inspirational writing love You and Loved to read yours article.

    Great article. Couldn’t be write much better!!!!Very very inspirational.

    Thanks for writing and sharing such a awesome thought withus.
    Have a wonderful day and wishing u a very Happy winter....

  4. Happy winters to you Williams
    Thanx for reading

  5. Hiii Roshniii

    Its a very inspirational post with an example of great lady of the world, who tought to us that anything is possible its a matter of belief,hope and determination towards our goal.

    Its us who says that , this is impossible but if we think and take evrything positively and have belief tht we can do it, than ours body, our mind make us accordingly & makes everything possible.

    As great writer says "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life--think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success." --Swami Vivekananda

    Awesome post loved to read it ,love u the way u write.Thanks for sharing such a insirational article with us.

    Wishing u very Gd Nght...Take care..

  6. Hiii Roshniiji
    Very Good morning to you..

    Its a very inspirational article ,its really helps to lots of people to understand that in this world anything is possible ,its only matter positve thinking and their belief.

    Beautiful article once again to help peoples to understand their capabilities and to make life more purposeful, enjoyable and cherisable.

    Great Article keep writing and sharing urs beautiful thought with us .

    Thanks for sharing....

    Have a great day and Take care.....


  7. Hiii Roshnii

    Its a very inspirational piece of writing as alwyas .You really done good job here thinking and writing for the better of yongster and giving new hope to them that nothing is impossible .Help them to understand that to never lose their belief and determination towards their aim and make yours life more cherisable.

    Yours every article have some new inspirational topics to read with great example which hold the readers to read from start to end with same enthusiasm.I must say its a Angels writing.I loved to read each and evry part of it from start to end.

    Thankyou so much for sharing your awesome thought with us and wishing evryones belief and hope comes true as you want and lets them so so happy...

    Wishing you very Good nght and tke cre...

  8. Thanku marry for your kind words !
    Keep reading !

  9. Namestey Roshnijii
    Aapko bht bht Subhprabhat

    Aap ne ish lekh bht bht achchha likha hai.
    Ye lekh nischit roop sey aajkey bht sey naujavaan ke liye ek bada udaaharan hai ki ish sansar hum kuch bhi kr saktey bus humari prabal chitt kee drdhata aur ek sahi aur sunder aasha ki jarurat hai.Yahi soch humey mansik aur sararik roop dono sey majboot banati hai aur manjil ko pane mey humari hamesha madad krti hai.

    Aap hamesha ki tarah bht bht achchha likhti hai aur ye lekh nischit roop sey bht logo ko sahi disha dikhayegi aur prerit kregi ki apna vishwash na khoye hum kuch bhi pa saktey apni kadi mehnat key dwara.

    Aur ashaa krta hoo ki aapki ye lekh aapkey aashay pey khadi utre aur hume navjavaan ke vichaaro mey bdlao dekhney ko mile.
    Aapki lekh sey hume hamesha kuch naya sikhney ko aur kuch naya padhney ko milta hai.

    Aap bht achchhee hoo jo hamesha logo key bhalai ke baare mey sochti hai. Aapko bht bht sardee mubarak aur surakshit rakhey sardee sey.
    Aap ka din bht bht Mangalmai hoo....Apna khayal rakhiyega...


  10. Hello Roshnii
    Wishing u hve great evening today...

    Yes its again very motivating and inspirational article as alwys.Feeling refreshed ,motivated after reading this article.Loved it.

    Thanks for sharing yours inspirational Thought with us. keep writing keep motivating us.Awesome one beautifully written.

    Have a Great day and tke care.

  11. Its too motivating blog.You inspire me and others with your awesome thought .Very Interesting to read each an evry line.

    Great article. Couldn’t be write much better!!!!You doing great job here try to motivate many peoples.

    Impressive!Thanks for the post.

    Gd nght and tke care...

  12. Inspirational blog.You are really a very creative and talented girl who alwys thinks for others and writes each lines so beautiful that inspires anyone who reads yours blogs.

    Thanks for writing and inspiring us.Keep writing and sharing your wonderful thought.I love to read it.

    gd nght.

  13. Hiii
    Gd evening
    Its a very motivating and inspiring.Thank you so much for sharing your motivating thought with us.
    Take care and keep writing,keep sharing with us.You write awesome.

  14. Hiii
    Very good morning to you...

    Its awesome ,really too motivating blog.I alwys inspired by reading yours blog...

    Take care...keep writing.Love u, you done remarkable job here try to motivate others..

  15. Hello Roshniijii
    Very Gd morning...

    Its really inspirational and motivating blog.

    But the image cnt seen I think here u paste link of that imge and tht link expires bcse of tht image also cnt be seen.

    So download that image upload that one on blogger where u wnt, then its nvr be removed.

    Best wishes for a New year.Take care and Have a great day...

    1. Thanku so much I will fix it denitely
      Thanx for reading

  16. Hiii Roshniiji

    As always yours evry blog are enjoyable this one is also too inspirational and motivational.We always get some new thing to read in yours blog .I loved it from first line to till the end of line.I alwys loved to read your blog.

    You truly said our belief alwys give new rays of Hope even how hard situation is.
    And with yours blog I also wishing tht evryone belief comes true and all enjoy their life with full of Happiness.You write each line too beautiful which will inspires Anyone who reads.Its really inspires many.

    I also wanna Wishing you a very very Happy New Year 2018 to You .
    Wishing this New Year for You ,for Yours family be full of happiness, full of joy ,full of beautiful moment's and you all alwys in good health,wishing your all dreams come true this year and got evry success in evry field you want.

    Have a Very Awesome Year Ahead...
    Have a Great day with full of Happy moments and full of yours smiles....

    Gd nght ...tke care and take care of your Health...

  17. Hiii

    Very good morning to you Roshnijii to you in this coldest winter.

    You know u writes so well tht I used read urs blog daily and this article also very beautiful written and its inspires and teaches us tht we have to alwys believe in hope and belief its makes anything possible.I loved it.

    I wish everyone dreams come true ,I know when wht we wnt its cmes true,with them part of their life and achieve their goal then its feeling of happiness is different whch cnt be expressed in words...
    You really inspires evryone who reads this one. I love you, u done remrkble job here which cnt express in words .God bless u alwys.

    Wishing u a very Happy New Year to you I wish you r alwys Very Happy and In Good Health.And keep writing,inspiring and motivating us.

    Take care of you from cold and Have a very very Good day.

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  19. Hiii Roshniii

    A Very Happy New Year to you..

    You know I loved to read yours every blog.I misss u so much and yours upcoming new blog.

    And  this blog is perfect to give motivation to everyone who reads this one .And this one perfectly written with example of Great lady to motivate everyone .You truly said that we got  anything  it's matter of our beliefs.

    It is always  been  refreshing  to read your blog.

    Thanks for sharing You done remarkable job here to motivate everyone.

    Good  night & take  care of you  in this  coldest  winter and keep  writing  and inspiring  us. I loved it.

  20. Hiiii Roshniijii

    Very Very Good Morning to you

    It's awesome piece of writing. You always encourage everyone with yours beautiful thought. Love you so mch.
    It's a very inspirational post to make everyone understands and recognise their own capabilities and their potential.

    Very interesting post to read and very convincing . I really like this post, love to read read yours every blog. You have done a fantastic job here.

    Thanks for sharing yours beautiful thought with us..

    Happy winter. Very Happy New Year. And Take care of yourself from cold.

    1. Hi Cassandra
      Happy winters & a very happy new year to you ..keep on reading !

  21. Hello Roshnii

    It's a very inspirational and motivational piece of writing,it will inspire everyone.

    Thanks for writing such a Good post to awake and inspire everyone to know their capabilities. Keep writing and inspiring.

    Take care and have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi adelina ...
      May you to have a wonderful daya ahead

  22. Very motivating and inspiring. Thanks for writing...

  23. Hey Roshnii

    First of all very congrulation for this post.

    It's should be fascinating stuff to read. I enjoyed so much to read it's very motivating .You always brings new topic to read to inspire everyone. Love you for that. You done great work here with urs awesome writing.

    Keep writing and inspiring.

    Good Night and take care of you in this chilling winter..

  24. You r always thinking for the good of others one. It's very inspiring. You r too good.I always feel refreshed after reading urs blog.

    Thanks for writing and sharing for this.

    Tke care.

  25. Hiiii Roshnijii
    Very Good morning...

    You writes so beautiful that I am always inspired. You r very very nice person always thinking for good of others. Love you. It's motivates everyone who reads.

    You r my inspiration always.keep writing.

    Tke care.

    1. Hi David!
      Keep yourself motivating ...keep reading

  26. Hello Roshnii

    Wonderful post and such a fantastic information that you gave to us. Thank you so much for it. You made a good blogging site and also you sharing the best articles on your blog.

    Yours every post are amazing and provides a fantastic information evry topic you choose and This one is really very inspirational . Thank you so much for it. I read yours every article many times and found that it's very interesting each time .

    Very nice article.
    Thank you for all.keep writing and share yours inspirational thgt with us.

    Take care and Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hi Dylan
      Have a wonderful day to you as well
      Keep reading .

  27. I am realy glad to know about the following you have in all articles
    Keep in reading I will let you provide more

  28. Hello Roshniiji

    Wishing u a very Good Morning to You

    You always encourage and inspires everyone for good .It's really inspirational and motivational. I loved every bit of it.Love you so much. You know only few thinks like you to make our surroundings more capable and beautiful.
    You really do Gd job.You r really very caring who always think Good of everyone .

    Please take care of yourself In this coldest winter days and have an amazing day with full of yours smiles.

  29. Hello Roshniijii

    Very Very Good Evening to you..

    You always encourage and inspire everyone with yours beautiful thought and you writes  so so good this  article based on belief  ,its awesome, and in this you truly and beautifully said that it's  our beliefs gives strength and hope in every  situation ,to get anything in our  life's and makes  our life's  very beautiful.

    You are really an Angel doing too good job here to inspire everyone . It's really Very insightful and inspiring and too interesting to read. Hats off to you for such a inspirational writing.

    Take care and Thanks for writing and sharing for this.

  30. Hello Roshnii

    I loved your blog very much. Each time I read I feel something new, refreshing which can't express in words. U are really amazing ,urs every article have urs lots of good feeling, sentiments to bring change in environment for Good whether  it's  written for any topic. And This one is very motivating and inspiring.

    I really loves each line of it and  urs  every article. I always want that u write keep motivating and wishing complete urs  evry dreams that  u ever have.

    U done great job  here Roshni!!! Love u  always ,U r really an Angel always  wnt  good for  everyone.U r really very very nice and kind girl wishing always u r very  very  happy.

    Keep writing and motivating.

    Atlast I enjoyed very much and u always hooked in such a way that I read urs every article many times.

    Wishing you very Gd night to you. Take care.

    1. Hi julieta

      Will definetly try to provide you more for refreshment ...keep reading

  31. Hiii

    It's awesome article. You always wnt to make your surroundings beautiful in every sense by bringing awareness, showing the meaning wht actually love is, showing the value of life and this one is written so beautifully to inspire and motivate everyone that never lose urs belief, urs determination towards your goal bcse anything possible, it's only a matter of ours true belief .

    And here Wishing you a very Happy Lohri. This festival give you warmth, joys  bring along happiness ,prosperity and Good health for you and your family always .

    Have a Great day and great festival.
    Take care.

  32. Thanku Sheryl
    Keep in touch with future updates

  33. Very Inspirational and I really enjoyed to read it.

  34. Hiii Roshni

    Truly and Very well written.Its very inspirational and motivational.

    And Yes we can achieve anything in our life's for that we have to think positively, have beliefs for that ,have hope for that and required faith in God that he will always with us to makes our life's very Beautiful with full of happiness and happiness.

    I really enjoyed it,loved to read it and yours every article.Yours all article have some new thing to read.

    Wishing u very Gd night to you and Take care.

  35. Hiii
    It's really very very Inspirational. Truly mentioned if our beliefs and feelings is true then anything is possible.

    You know before I sleep I used to read urs blog daily It's really very refreshing .

    Urs every blog is good and u too.
    Each time I enjoyed whenever I read urs blog. Keep writing and motivating.

    Thanks for sharing. Gd night and take care.

  36. Hiii

    Truly said Anything is possible in our life it's only matter of our beliefs and feelings which gives always a positive hope to us .

    But you know sometimes we need someone very special in our life who believe that yes U can , for whom we are ready to do anything so that they will be always very happy, whose even single smile will be always our inspiration ,and whose even a single smile are our life ,for their wellness we  think every second of our life. If such persons in our life's then we definitely achieve anything in  our life's.

    Urs this blog is very motivating to inspire everyone, very beautifully written with deep thought. I love you for urs such work that u always think good for everyone.

    I always loved to  read  urs blog.

    Take care and very good night to  you.

  37. Hello Roshniijii
    It's very motivating and inspiring.
    You are too Good and I always loved to read urs blog.

    Thanks for writing.
    Apna khayal rakhna and keep motivating.

  38. Hiii

    It's inspiring and truly said anything is possible only need to believe, hope for ,have faith and be postive always in every situation.

    I liked it. Keep writing and motivating.You are really very very good person thinking always good for others .

    Thanks for sharing such a motivational stuff and Take care and Gd night to you.

  39. Hello Roshnii

    Very Good evening to you...

    This post is very inspirational and motivational. You done great work here .I can't stop myself to subscribe your blog.

    I read yours each post and find that urs each post in itself Amazing. Lovely. I loved yours each article to read and Beautifully written each of them .

    Great thinking, Great thought and Great Blog. Very impressive u think for the better of our surroundings to make it more beautiful with lots of happiness.

    Thanks for writing and sharing with us.
    Take care and have a great day with full of yours smiles.Love you.Keep writing!!! Keep motivating!!!

    1. Hi Letty
      Wishing you a plenty of happy world ...
      Thanks for reading

  40. Hello Roshniijii

    You writes it very beautiful to inspire everyone.Truly said if our beliefs and feelings true with definitely achieve anything in ours life.

    I read urs each blog and each one is very refreshing and beautifully written.
    You r really amazing person who want to bring change with yours awesome writings and beautiful thought. Love everyword of yours blog. You are really very beautiful with heart who thinks for better of our society. Hats off to you. Great work.

    Thanks for sharing and keep writing.
    Take care!!!

    1. Hi Scott
      Your response also shows your beauty by heart

    2. Thank you so much.It's always really means alot to me.

  41. Hiii Roshnii

    It's truly very Inspirational and you know Yours each blog is Amazing. Loved each of them.

    Thanks for writing and sharing.

  42. Hiii

    Very Interesting and Inspiring.Exactly our body and mind makes us accordingly how we think, what we beliefs. Loved it.

    I read yours every article each of them very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  43. Hiii
    It's truly very inspirational and motivational. Thanks for writing.

    Bharti :))

  44. Hii Roshni

    Very Gd Morning to you

    It's again a very good blog to inspire everyone and Yes if we think have beliefs for that then it's anything is possible.

    You know you are too too Good always write and think for the benefit and better of society to make it more beautiful.Love you.

    Thanks for sharing your good thoughts with us.
    Have a very very Good day with full of urs smiles and Take care.

    1. Thanx for reading Kylie
      Have a great world ahead

  45. Hiii
    Very Good Evening

    You write it beautifully to inspire many .I read urs every blog and each of them very interesting ,and each of them written specifically for the better of our society to make its more beautiful by inspiring, motivating, by telling what life is and their importance.And truly said if we believe work hard then anything is possible in our life.

    U also shows urs great love for our Nature and shows urs concern towards them and try to aware everyone their importance towards us, for our life.I love this very much.

    U know we all know that we can't change the whole world alone but we make a difference,bring the change and u r the one of them who with urs writing try to make this change. I must say U are really very beautiful by heart and very very good person. U r too good.

    Thanks for sharing, aware us, inspires us with urs beautiful thought.

    Take care!!!

    1. Thanx for reading Brian...keep in touch for updates

  46. It's truly very inspirational and motivating!!!

  47. Thanks for sharing and writing various Inspirational post. I loved it all.

  48. As yours previous post it's also beautifully written and very Inspirational. Keep writing and keep motivating.

    Thank you for sharing.

  49. Yes Anything is possible if we have the dedication and determination to work past life's obstacles.There are always beautiful things waiting on the other side of whatever it is that you're going through right now. Focus on what you can control and never give up!

    You have a very good sense of observation. And every blog was related to life and  connects it in someway ,you always give some life examples and that's the point , we understand everything in a better way .Really inspired me.

    You r the best to yours writing style to motivate Anyone .I appreciate all ur work for doing this. It really gives internal encouragement and lots of energy to everyone . Once again very very thanks to u .God bless you .I must say the brilliancy is in yours thought.

    Deep and Inspiring.keep writing and motivating.Thankyou so much.

    1. Thanx Katerina
      That means really lot to me

  50. Applaudable and Inspirational piece of writing.Thanks and Keep writing !!!!


  51. It's beautifully written to motivate anyone who thinks they have a limited capabilities and to inspire everyone that they have lot to
    do in life. Keep it up to become one of the best future author!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and keep writing!!!

  52. You always write and encourage us for the good. You are too good  Girl who always thinking for the best of others to do better in life .I loved this article. Love you so much for your awesome work.
    I used to read urs blog it's feel me good and inspire me always.

    Thank You for sharing urs beautiful inspirational blog.Keep writing and Inspire us.
    Take care and Very Good Night to you.

  53. Great thought and Great writing to inspire anyone for the best. Truly said if we believe then we can get the ability to achieve it. Because our mind works as we think and made us accordingly to that.
    I loved yours every article each of them beautifully written which shows urs awesome Great thinking and shows u r very Good person thinking for the change to make us feel happier.
    I really enjoyed to read urs each article.

    Take care.
    Thanks for writing and sharing. Keep writing and motivate us.

  54. Hiiii Roshniijii
    Very Good Evening to you

    Your blog are totally full of inspirational words which awakens the soul of anyone to know their capabilities and inspire them to do Good in life.

    You are the best to yours writing style. I love you, love yours every article. You know like you in this real world are very few who thinks for everyone to make them better person.I read yours each blog and loved each of them. You r too good.

    You know in life it's imp to have dreams and to complete that only we need to work hard for that, have beliefs for  that and inspiring people like you in life who teaches us for the best.

    Keep writing and sharing.
    Take care

    1. Good evening Andy
      Very sorry for the late reply
      I will surely provide more
      Keep on reading n sharing

    2. Hii
      Thank you so much for yours response but please don't say sorry for this and You know urs response likes this shows u r really very Good and kind person. You r very special for me.
      Gd night and take care.

  55. Inspiring. Keep writing and motivate us to makes this world more beautiful with urs beautiful thought.

    Have a wonderful night and smile always.
    Tke care.

    Sarah :)

  56. Hii

    You are really amazing person who want to bring the change with yours thought to everyone's life. You write every article very good which will motivate anyone to do something that will remembered years beyond capabilities.

    I proud on myself meeting such person on net in mylife who think for happiness of everyone. You r too good.

    Yours every article are really very amazing. I loved all of them. You are really an Inspirational one.You know everyone thinks but only some can bring change with some means and you one of them wnt to bring with urs thought and writing. You r beautiful by your heart and thought. Like you there are only few in whole world who thinks for good.

    Your writing definitely brings change as you want, as you think in real life.

    Keep writing and motivating.
    Wishing you very Gd night to you Tke care .

    1. Hi George
      Thanks for your this response
      Keep on visiting and keep sharing

  57. Inspirational and motivational.You truly said our beliefs makes anything possible.
    Keep writing and motivating.
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  58. Hii
    Aap  bht bht accha likhti hai.
    Truly said Living Life with positive hope and beliefs makes life happy and helps to achieve anything in life.
    Today visited your blog and I read all of them and enjoyed all.Your every article has something new to read  and understand.

    Hamesha aap likhti rahiyega, you have all the qualities, ability and have very Good style of writing to become very Good renowned author and writer. And yours blog really helped to evryone to think better for himself and our society to make its more beautiful. Aap bht bht achhi hai who thinks better of our society.

    Thanks for sharing. Keep sharing yours awesome writings.

    1. Hi sonakshi
      Thanx so much
      Very sorry for late reply

  59. Hiii

    Very interesting  and motivational article .Yours every article are always getting better than last one .But you know your evry article are the best. We saw many inspirational speech and videos but seeing saw inspiration article are Few. You again present awesome thought to inspire everyone.

    You actually helps to realise everyone that if we have belief,postive thought and faith then it can motivate ourself from within, from the Drive of our mind, from the Fire of our dream that just keeps burning inside us.

    I feel blessed to have such a wonderful people to spread positivist among every being ,yes life is difficult but it's beautiful at the same time we just have look it that way . Literally Ur words, a powerful weapon , full of magical powers , literally can transform one's soul.

    You r one of my favorite blogger . Thank you for the providing greatest reading experience . Keep writing and motivating us. Wishing God is always there with you and let u happy and smiling always.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    1. I am late to response you Isabella
      Very sorry
      I am too blessed to have such wonderful readers

    2. Hiii
      Thanks for yours great response but please don't mention sorry ever, it's our pleasure to see such a Good blogs and a good a person in life, who wants to mke this world more capable.
      Take care.

  60. Hii
    It's speechless.. Truly so inspiring!!!!keep writing.You done a great job here.

  61. Hiii Roshniijii

    Very good morning to you!!

    It's Awesome one. Truly said FAILURE ISNT WHERE YOU FALL DOWN ITS WHEN YOU REFUSE TO GET BACK UP. The whole article represented life When you fall you have a choice to give up or continue to make yours Dreams true and make it more beautiful and happier.

    Really u r great who thinks like this and inspire everyone do not lose their beliefs of their dreams.I love you so much for yours work here for providing one of the best article who wants see change and Happiness in everyone's lifes.

    You know You r the best in yours writing, keep writing likes this because like u in this whole world are really few who wants to inspire everyone ,let's them think positively ,always wnt to make life of everyone's happier and more beautiful.Truly we always need to be take everything positively ,stay motivated and have gd thought, big Dreams that only matter  to get best in life.

    The way you write every article I must say u are very caring ,amazing person and gd person who want to see this surroundings more beautiful.I loved to read urs each article and feel Greatful to see such articles. 
    Thank you so much for  sharing this awesome blog field with only positivity.Love you.Wishing you always Happy, healthy and smiling .

    Keep sharing urs Gd thought and Have a beautiful day.
    Tke care.

    1. Greatful to have you as a reader

    2. Don't mention it. It's my pleasure to get such awesome blogs to read. Really you are the best.

      Keep writing and Have a great day and Take care.

  62. Very Inspirational, we need to learn from them and keep believing on our capabilities, do hard work and have faith, hope for that.

  63. Hiii Roshniijii

    Wishing you very Gd Morning to you.

    Yours every blog are very Good , inspire ,motivate everyone to do Good in his/her life and helps to understand their capabilities. Truly said we all are capable to do anything in our life's it's just a matter of Good thoughts and beliefs.

    You know you done prodigious job here because the best thing we do in our life's is to inspire and motivate others to do Good in their life's where they lose Hope ,Give hope to live more where they don't want to live becse of some accident and  you're doing that job here, try to make everyone life's more happier,beautiful and helps them to think always positively.

    Thank you so much for sharing and writing this. U r real Example of Goodness.Have a wonderful day.


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