Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Surprisingly ! when I  hear about people like Arunima Sinha who despite of several leg and pelvic injuries faught  battle against her diability and excelled toward the mountaineering course to finaly climb Mount Everest with her prosthetic leg just because of her strong chain of determination. She defeated all odds entered in her life to get back into her own life in a far better way. It is notable that we as humans when come across a jerk in our life  through certain kind of failures in any aspect, all our positive thoughts get subjected to centripital action  that scatter and get diversed  in a direction to change our life to meaningless and hopeless end. Actually people get paralysed by their minds . The cells of our brain system are arranged in a set of fixed pattern that has a predefined functions to accept every situations as we want and we need according to the array of conditions and as soon as we are confronted to the reverse result or unpredictable changes we all of a sudden goto absolute limit of our mind and  abruptly get disheartned with static failed brain and only a system called heart system plays a crucial role .

In reality , our body is not just a combination of mass and matter but also a system that has the infinite capabilities of drawing powers of healing . We just need to bifurcate our all dimensions rather living in same time and space again & again of dejections . Just silent your ego and surrender to the difficulties to gain its strength and channel all energies into our mind .We all have that finite capabilities to settle down the storm we  face in any phase  and can bend the dimensions of time in more beautiful way.

Rather throwing hands up in the air  with  a tough determination ,look beyond the world visualize the possibililities and recharge your belief system .Life is beautiful make it more cherishable ! 

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Woohh ! Hoo! Thank you so very much princy khurana at www.sublimemessage.WordPress.com for the nomination. Do visit her blog. I am very excited and honoured to receive a nomination of " The Versatile Blogger Award ". Soon I will nominate 5 best bloggers around the world at their versatality in blogs . Be in touch and keep visiting the blog. Wish you all a happy life !!

Friday, 27 October 2017

The essence of unconditional love !!

Sitting a couple of stairs above at the bank of river Ganga , i was fancied by the scenic view that was enriching my soul . All my negativities were shrinking and taken by the onrush of air that is sended to the water. I took a bottle from my bag and had a series of gulp and my lungs were inflating again . My eyes were twinkling by the small cradles illuminated by candles that were flickering in the moonlight flowing in the river offered by hundreds of people around there. Suddenly my eyes got catched up by a poster writen " Love that spread unconditionaly are received unconditionaly". My nerves started fighting to resist the statement . Is that really true in every case ? We as a human are always in the race of wanting more, chasing more , to accomplish only our needs and expectations. I saw many Devotees are murmering prayers and the enchanted prayers are flowing like waves to rivers in the form of power and creating memory . Yes ! they are those living entity that creates memory , whatever we lead to her. She is the heart of universe that connects to the clouds to rain down and relieve the thirst. She is a mother that bestow us the motherhood by grabbing all negatives and sin . She gave us food for millions of biodiversity . If it dies.. People will die . No rivers ..No life . If it is the most worshiped body , it is the most dirtiest too. She flows to give us lifeline and in return we offer her the clotting of wastes and pollutants from cities to states. Spewing heavy metals , spilling industrial wastes . We used to dump all scraps . But it again descends to earth from her home in the milky pure way as divine without any complaints, forgiving us , bestowing love to us , without any expectations like a true unconditional love. We are not restricted to the affections to few people. A part of us belongs to universe. We must free ourselves from the prison to widen our circle to embrace all living entity in nature . It's a time to save a heart , a mother , a food and a love . We as a human are the luckiest being awarded with brains and mouth to fight for our rights . Let's fight for her rights , respect , rules and regulations . Let's save our rivers before it collapse. Let's clean our rivers and love her unconditionaly they deserve more !!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

"GOD" I miss you

The sheet of sky was tucked with millions of stars today. "Daddy", his 6 years daughter called him. "Yes dear"? He replied. "Why people say that mom is the love of your life "? She asked. He smiled to her curious eyes and his eyes traced to the path towards a big beautiful star , he slowly closes his eyes,and his thoughts were drawn to the lanes of once upon a time .. he could see a solid woman with a pure heart smiling to him ; whose beauty is reflecting through moonlight .A woman who is a clear dreamer and a strong will ; whose cares cures a tensed , her dimples were so sharp that is making him weekend to knees ,he could smell a scented air she always wears.A mere presence of a pure bliss. He is sensing an alarm , it looks like now silver lights of moon is fading and hiding through rolling clouds and fog is raising fencing between us to cover everything as a blanket. "Why are you sleeping Daddy"? "Answer me" ! The chain of thoughts were broken suddenly to the reality. Tears rolled through the corner of his eyes unknowingly . "Daddy why are you crying" ? "No sweety", I was thanking to God for such a wonderful daughter; he cuped his hand to bear her face and looking into her big round eyes he said, "You know why mommy is the love of my life "? Cause she is that God , who gifted me a bundle of joy wrapped in white that's you. "Then why she left us" ? She said "She never left us, she is within you, forever with us",he said. A smile got painted through her face ,she giggled and tip toe onto his lap , curling herself into a ball . He hugged her and gave a goodnight kiss to her.Looking above the sky, he mumbled "She is just like you a little curious and impatient; "God " I miss you !

Sunday, 23 July 2017

And you are always alive !

Do you see the two separate faces in me or you searching through window of my eyes the journey it covered , through a shy little princess to the powerful queen. Let me tell you dear, though my eyes are old and the world now blimmers to me. But I have a treasure ; a treasure of experiences. We all are actors here , in the cinema of life. We all think that we are perfectly playing our part. But is that really true ? What I saw , people are in hurry to grow up old and then again wants to swim in childhood ; We make ourselves ill in making more and more money and spend it all to make us well healthy again ; We count ourselves on how beautiful we are and then the thief of time comes and steal it . My dear we always admire our past and praise the colors flashed by it and forget that it's a present only that flickers light to the future. We think so much about our future as we are never going to die and as the time comes to leave we regret the life we never lived. Remember , Life is a puzzle of love, excitement , war and commitments. There is no rewind and no forward , we need is to just press a play . Before time flies out to the end of our story ; commit to your present , live it before it fades to saggy flesh and brittle bones .Live it before it becomes a memory. Search for the true reason of your life, , work for it , make it worth so that in the end ; it's only your body that dies and you live after your death , remembered as wind , as a rain , like mountains, like the moon and then you are always alive .

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Daily digest

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Life is all about...

Exactly our life is all about those countless, yet beautifully screened and priceless moments which makes it worthwhile. It is a joy of a new born baby who takes his first step holding tightly the fingers of his father with faith.. giggling inside. It is a glee, felt by a child through a praise given by his teacher out of his hard work. When a child gets filled with gratification by those words of his grandparents while running around and showing their magical drawings. It is the feeling that makes our heart to take a leap that dwells and thump inside as our crush passes across. When a friend smiles with an eye full of promises that strengthens our soul and holds forever. It is the moment when we feel the ecasty of chill breeze of our first love and the feeling which makes our throat dry to gulp down those words which makes the world full of amusements when breathe out. The fulfilment which is felt through our first earnings in our trembling hands and twinkling eyes though. It is a moment of peace and calm all around in the lap of mother as we laid down loosing all the worries to fly out. Life is nothing but full of these unnamed and unsaid feelings which makes it worthwhile , when we born once again !


Surprisingly ! when I  hear about people like Arunima Sinha who despite of several leg and pelvic injuries faught  battle agai...